Standard Tree

  1. If the path type is standard tree, you have to set up the “Call Handling Rules”
  2. Click the “Add Rule” button to add the routing cycles.
  3. For a rule you can configure the different cycle and it work action with the call routing.

    1. User Action
      1. When the caller presses
      2. If no number is pressed
    2. Call Press Action
      1. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
    3. Next Action
      1. Then
      2. Time, Then
    4. Call Action

      1. Route to employee
      2. If no number is pressed
    5. User Action
      1. Route to employee
        1. Select an employee to answer the call
      2. Route to team
        1. Select a team to answer the call. So, any one from the team can answer the call.
      3. Forward to
        1. Call will forward to the number
      4. Hang up call
        1. It will end up the call
      5. Insert nested rule

        1. You can create multiple nested rules.
        2. It’s like a chain process. For instance, if you press 2 it will ask more information to direct the call to a specific executive/team.
      6. Ticket status
        1. It will pull all the cases logged for the customer with the status

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